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why csp

what is csp

concentrating solar power(csp for short), also referred to as solar thermal electricity(ste for short), is a new type of solar energy utilization, using a great number of reflectors to concentrate sunlight and collect the thermal energy through heat storage media, generating high-pressure and high-temperature steam to drive the turbine for power generation.

how csp works

solar concentrating system:able to trace the sun in real time, reflect and concentrate direct normal irradiation to the tower-top receiver to collect solar energy.

thermal receiving system:able to absorb solar energy and convert it into thermal energy by heating up heat transfer media (molten salt).

thermal storage & exchange system:able to store heat transfer media (molten salt), and exchange heat with water to produce high-temperature and high-pressure steam to drive the turbine for power generation when required. the system ensures high-quality power output.

power generation system:steam turbine generator and auxiliary systems as similar to traditional fossil-fuel power plant.

advantages of csp
compared to traditional fossil-fuel power, csp stands out with respect to:
  • environmental-friendly

    genuine clean and renewable energy, a perfect substitute for fossil fuel energy, the ultimate solution to energy shortage, air pollution and climate change.

  • continuity, stability, dispatchability

    grid-friendly, compared to intermittent energy utilization such as pv and wind power. a high-quality power source of continuity, stability and dispatchability, able to serve as base-load power, peak-load regulator, a booster to higher proportion of renewable energy in the grid.

  • cost-effective

    huge potential of cost reduction in the wake of industry expansion, maturity and technological breakthroughs. possibly be priced in parallel to that of fossil fuel energy in the future.

  • momentum for related industries

    able to incorporate overcapacity of cement, steel, glass, chemical products, machinery, and promote the development of high-end equipment, automation and software.

roles of csp
  • supplementary power

    a strong guarantee of power supply, able to supplement current power demand, generating electricity in daytime to cut down cost, releasing the thermal energy during night-peak to continue electricity output.

  • peak regulator

    a booster to higher proportion of renewable energy in the grid, able to regulate peak load by hybridizing with pv and wind power to replace part of fossil fuel and natural gas.

  • base-load power

    a perfect substitute for fossil fuel energy, able to serve as base-load power and work on 24/7 basis, characterized by rapid response, high efficiency and wide-range regulating capacity, ready for dispatching per request from the grid.