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right on the track! all the 10,000 sets of heliostats have been completed for the jinta zhongguang solar “csp pv” pilot project 100mw csp project
release date:2023-09-11

on september 8, we accomplished installation of all the 10,000 sets of heliostats on the total 3.62 km² solar field of the jinta zhongguang solar "csp pv" pilot project 100mw csp project.

this project is equipped with a number of 25,594 sets of high-precision intelligent heliostats of 30m². with our rich project management experience accumulated in a number of csp projects, our project team made a very reasonable and realistic solar field construction schedule. despite the severe weather conditions such as sandstorms and strong winds, we still manage to follow the schedule. our plan is to complete all the heliostats installation before end of 2023. at present, everything is in full progress. we have generally completed all the civil engineering. main equipment installation works such as msr, ms storage tank and steam turbine are on the right track and are scheduled to be completed before end of 2023.

high-precision intelligent heliostat

heliostats assembly workshop

heliostats lifting

jinta zhongguang solar "csp pv" pilot project, with a total installed capacity of 700mw, is developed and constructed by jinta zhongguang solar power generation co., is a hybrid power plant with 100mw ct csp and 600mw pv. the 100mw ct csp project, with an 8-hour mses, uses solar thermal tower technology fully developed by cosin solar. its designed annual production is 1580gwh and will save 480,000 tons of standard coal and reduce 1,310,000 tons of co₂ emission per year after operation.