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cosin solar won the bid of the solar field and msr system equipment supply for the 100mw epc project of the tuokexun county csp pv hybrid project
release date:2023-08-01

on july 31, 2023, we received the "notification of award" from the equipment and materials procurement center of powerchina, confirming that cosin solar has won the bid for the solar field and msr system equipment supply of the 100mw csp part of the powerchina turpan city tuokexun county csp pv hybrid project (the “project”), meaning that cosin solar will provide advanced solar field and msr system and related services to the project.

the project, located in tuokexun county, turpan city, xinjiang uygur autonomous region, is invested by powerchina renewable energy co.,ltd.., with a total installed capacity of 1gw including 900mw pv and 100mw ct csp. the 100mw ct csp, with an 8-hour molten salt storage system, will adopt the molten salt tower csp technology fully developed by cosin solar. the project, enlisted as one of the second batch of market-based on-grid new energy projects in xinjiang uygur autonomous region in 2022, will give full play to the resource advantages of the region, provide supporting power supply for local economic development, and effectively improve and stabilize the energy mix of the region.

up to now, cosin solar has already won multiple announced csp tenders in the industry, widely located in xinjiang, qinghai, gansu, jilin and other provinces in china, meaning its comprehensive strength and technology are recognized by more and more owners. cosin solar will ensure that all csp projects are built with high quality and quickly go full production.