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ctgr awards epc to cosin solar for qinghai qingyu dc 100mw csp project
release date:2022-08-04

on july 25, 2022, powerchina northwest engineering corporation ltd. (powerchina northwest fo short) received the "notification of award" from china three gorges renewables (group) co., ltd. (ctgr for short). it was confirmed that the consortium of powerchina northwest, cosin solar, and energy china ztpc, won the epc project of ctgr qinghai qingyu dc 100mw csp project.

according to the division of responsibility, cosin solar will participate in the overall design and project management, and be responsible for the technical scheme of the solar block, equipment supply, as well as related commissioning and trial operation guidance services.

the total installed capacity of ctgr qinghai qingyu dc phase ii section 3 project is 1000mw, including pv of 900mw and tower csp of 100mw. the 100mw csp project adopts the molten salt tower csp technology and is located in the southern part of wutumeiren solar power park, geermu city, haixi state, qinghai province.