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jinta zhongguang solar “100mw csp 600mw pv” project main works officially started
release date:2022-05-05

on april 29, excavation of the receiving tower foundation of jinta zhongguang solar "100mw csp  600mw pv" project commenced, which marked the official start of the main works of the project.

the center elevation of the thermal receiver of the project is 220 meters, the height of the concrete tower is 195 meters, and the foundation excavation depth is 8.9 meters. before the start of construction, the special scheme of deep foundation pit excavation of the construction vendor passed the expert review, and the technical disclosure of operation safety was carried out. the construction process will be managed in strict accordance with the requirements of relevant specifications, so as to create good conditions for the next step of the tower foundation construction.

the project site leveling works was started on march 25, and construction works are being steadily advanced. according to the project plan, the foundation pouring of the receiving tower and the foundation excavation of main building will be carried out in late may, the heliostat columns construction and storage tanks foundation will be carried out in early june.cosin solar will utilize its rich construction experience accumulated in several tower csp projects, cooperate closely with all participating parties and make joint efforts to complete various engineering tasks with high quality to ensure that the project is to be connected to the grid as scheduled.

foundation excavation ceremony of receiving tower

foundation excavation of receiving tower

the project is developed and constructed by jinta zhongguang solar power generation co., ltd., with a total installed capacity of 700mw. it adopts the configuration mode of "csp  ", including tower csp of 100mw and pv of 600mw, and the design electricity production is 1370 gwh/year. in this project, the 100mw csp project adopts the molten salt tower csp technology independently developed by cosin solar, installed with a 9-hour molten salt thermal storage system.