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company name change announcement:

greece minos 50mw csp project

cosin solar technology co., ltd. (cosin solar for short) and china gezhouba group corporation (cggc for short) as a consortium signed the epc contract with nur-mohheliothermal s.a. for the project of greece minos 50mw csp project. on 11th november 2019, chinese president xi jinping and greek prime minister kyriakos mitsotakis witnessed the exchange of the multilateral cooperation agreement for the project. 

the project is located in the southeast of crete island of greece, which is of abundant solar resources. the total installed capacity of the project is 50mw configured with 5 hours molten salt storage system, the technology of which is independently developed by cosin solar.

in the operation period, the project can provide 10% of local electricity demand with high quality clean energy, which is of great significance to accommodate more clean energy for local island and protect the island's ecological and tourism environment.

minos 50mw csp project is also the first csp project whose whole life cycle is totally designed, manufactured, constructed, financed and operated by chinese companies in the international market.



typical dni

2217 kwh/㎡

installed capacity

50mw csp 5mw pv



reflective area


tower height


annual production


construction period

30 month